Industrial Salt

Salt plays an integral role in every aspect of our lives. Interestingly enough, only 6% of salt is manufactured for food consumption. In fact, salt has over 14,000 different applications for its compounds. Chemical uses for salt play the largest role in the consumption of this compound. Some of the uses are listed below:

Pharmaceutical: Sodium and chlorine derived from salt to develop drugs and health products.

Water conditioning: Replaces harsh chemicals (calcium and magnesium) with sodium essentially softening the water.

Industrial chemicals: Used in the manufacturing of dyes, ceramics, plastics, petroleum additives, rubber, paper, and countless other products. In fact, industrial salt comprises over 60 % of total usage in the industry.

Highway deicing: Salt, (Sodium Chloride) performs a vital role combating ice in winter road travel. Applied correctly, salt is cost effective and abundant.

Feed: Both human and animal salt is essential in our chemical makeup. Sodium chloride plays an integral part in insuring our bodies receive vital nutrients.

There are numerous industrial uses and applications for salt that can be found in every aspect of our everyday life. Examples of usage can be seen in agriculture, food, health, cosmetics. As you can see, salt occupies an important role in our lives.

Oil and Gas Industry

In oil and gas exploration, salt is an important component of drilling fluids in well drilling. It is used to flocculate and increase the density of the drilling fluid to overcome high downwell gas pressures. Whenever a drill hits a salt formation, salt is added to the drilling fluid to saturate the solution and to minimize the dissolution within the salt stratum. Salt is also used to increase the set rate of concrete in cemented casings.

Animal Feed

Salt is essential to all human and animal life. Our salt is double washed, dried, sieved and graded to give clean, accurately defined and consistent particle sizes. Animal nutrition salt is used as raw material for industrially produced feed mixes or as ready-to-use nutritional supplement in breeding. It represents the basis for health and fertility and supports performance and stamina of the animals. Animals require sodium and chloride to survive. Supplementing livestock rations with salt is an essential practice to encourage optimum weight gains, yield and performance. Salt can be mixed with feed or fed free-choice and can be used to regulate the intake of minerals without the labor of daily feeding.

Pharma Salt

Pharma salt is an important basic material in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Salt is used for tablet and caplet polishing, the production of intravenous saline solutions and for manufacturing hemodialysis solutions used for kidney machines. With the help of pharma salt, numerous medications, dietetic food as well as cosmetics, care and wellness products are produced, in addition to dialysis and infusion solutions.

Water Conditioning Salt for Industrial Applications

Many industrial type businesses benefit from water conditioning and water treatment. Water is often used for cooling large machines, or in other large-scale processes. Many facilities use reclaimed water from streams, rivers, and aquifers that has not been treated by a water treatment facility. If the water is not treated prior to use in the facility, the business is susceptible to the same risks as a homeowner, but on a much larger scale. Because of the buildup that hard water creates on pipes, the cost of repair for industrial facilities could be astronomical. By using appropriate water softening agents, such as water softening salts or water softener pellets, they can reduce the likelihood of repairs and greatly extend the life of their plumbing and other components that move the water throughout their facility.

Water Treatment for Swimming Pools

It is becoming more and more common for homeowners, hotels, and other swimming pool facilities to utilize a salt sanitization system rather than traditional liquid chlorine for their pools. Liquid chlorine has historically had drawbacks related to the irritation caused to hair, skin, eyes, and clothing. However, for many years, this was the only option for pool sanitizing, but that has now changed!

Swimming pool salt sanitization systems have revolutionized the way pools are kept clean and hygienic. Salt water pool systems are not chlorine-free. They simply change the way the chlorine is introduced into the water. Instead of using the traditional liquid chlorine, the salt chlorine generator system that must be used with salt water pools electrolyzes the salt, creating chlorine from the Chloride portion of the salt. While this chlorine will serve the same purpose of traditional liquid chlorine, it also destroys the chloramines, which is the component of chlorine that causes red eyes and that chlorine odor.


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